Our Privacy Policy

Effective as of 12/12/18.

To provide our customers and partners a continually improving software & application, Regna requires to gather and collate personal information about yourself and/or your customers for analytical purposes and to support product, software & application evolution. Regna takes data privacy extremely seriously. We do not sell, rent or trade customer data to or with any third party. This policy is to clarify what information Regna collects, how we do so and how the gathered information may be utilized.

Information We Collect

Regna may collect personal information from you or your customers when we, or a client using our software, provide body scan services to you. Or when establishing or updating a customer or partner account with Regna.

Information collected includes some or all of the following. Your name; e-mail address; postal, billing and shipping addresses; transaction-related information, including credit card, or other preferred payment means, or billing information. Body measurements, body scan data or any other data needed to provide our service and support.

Personal Information

Your and/or your customer(s) personal information is sometimes required to provide access to Regna products and services. It is also required to administer our business. Personal information from those scanned using Regna Scan to Fit, will include historical data such as body measurements and personal scan data, and is indefinitely kept on record. It may be aggregated for business operations purposes including, but not limited to, research and software & application evolution; and new Regna product development.

Extent of Shared Information

Excluding where required to complete credit card payments, or other transactions authorised by you, or your customer(s); Regna does not share personal or scan information in any form with third parties.

How Your Personal Information Is Protected

We believe we maintain appropriate physical, technical and administrative safeguards to ensure protection of personal and/or customer(s) information provided to Regna against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use and other unlawful processing methods. Regna uses Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") technology to protect the transmission of payments and credit card data over the Internet. SSL technology encrypts credit card numbers, order and personal information before being transmitted to protect it from being decoded by anyone other than those acting on behalf of Regna. All Scan data is stored in the cloud and is accessible only to the user profile and those expressly permitted to access the data by the user, such as the Coach Scan to Fit application. While we implement these and take other measures to protect your information, it must be noted no administrative, technical and or physical safeguards taken to protect personal information collected from, or provided by you, or data transmitted over the Internet or any other public network may be guaranteed 100% secure.