About 30-Day Return Policy

Effective as of 12/12/18.

If you're not happy with your purchase or think your goods arrived damaged, you can send any unworn* item back to us FREE of charge within 30 days of the delivery date. There are many reasons to return a product. If you have questions you can email returns@regna.com or you can discuss your case with our live chat service here: chat.

For some obvious guidance please note:

Collection Products:

A collection product is a brand we made and you purchased directly from regna.com. This branded item will have been shipped with a “return to sender” sticker with clear instructions as to how you need to return the item. (It is important that you keep all hang tags, stickers and packaging available in the return). Once we have received the product back we will issue you a full refund or fix the problem you have addressed and send you a fixed product. If we do not agree with your assessment we reserve the right to refund the order in full and not fix.

Custom Printed Apparel:

A custom printed apparel product should only be sent back if the size is a problem. If indeed we made an error on the logos we prefer to redo the item and re-send the product to you with corrections.

3rd party purchase:

If you purchased a product we made for you through our partners please refer your claim first to the store, coach, event etc etc first. They will have to manage the return for you.